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Egg- cellance i.e Eggs are an excellent food item in terms of macro and micro nutrients. 77 calories 6gm protein 5gm fat All 9 essential amino acids 200 mg of Cholesterol More than half of the Protein is present in the  egg white along with B Vitamins, selenium, vitamin D & minerals like Zinc, Iron, […]

Against Arthritis

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DO YOU NEED TO GROW OLD TO SUFFER FROM ARTHRITIS? The answer is No, because rheumatoid arthritis can affect anyone at any age. LOUD AND CLEAR SYMPTOMS Inflammation of joints Swelling Pain Deformity of joints LIFESYYLE MODIFICATIONS Loose weight Stop smoking Eat fresh fruits & vegetables Get some form of exercise Have a healthy attitude […]

Probiotics vs Antibiotics

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Probiotics save you from side effects of antibiotics. What are Probiotics? From the Curd of home remedies to the Yakult of OTC range, probiotics(PBs) have come a long way. Defined as micro-organisms PBs, when administered orally in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. Probiotics are rapidly becoming popular for preserving natural health. […]

Guide for a healthy BP

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It is called a silent killer since it slowly gets worse without any serious symptoms. Here’s what you can do to thwart hypertension or high blood pressure. SLEEP 7 HOURS IN A DAY- Peolpe who sleep less than 7 hours per day are at higher risk of developing hypertension because lack of sleep could hurt […]