Probiotics vs Antibiotics

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Probiotics save you from side effects of antibiotics.

What are Probiotics?

From the Curd of home remedies to the Yakult of OTC range, probiotics(PBs) have come a long way. Defined as micro-organisms PBs, when administered orally in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

Probiotics are rapidly becoming popular for preserving natural health. However, the concept of probiotics is not a new one. Fermented milk products, which contain probiotics, have been used for centuries.Why?

  1. Some bacteria play a vital role in human health, while others have a negative impact on health.
  2. Probiotic organisms are like microscopic defenders which protect your body from invading organisms.
  3. Antibiotics often cause Diarrhoea. This is because antibiotics kill both good & bad bacteria. Probiotics taken with antibiotics can prevent loosies.
  4. Probiotics have other functions as well like breaking down food for Digestion, producing Lactase Enzyme( which helps digest milk sugar), producing Vitamins in intestine & changing acidic environment for harmful Bacteria.

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