Never grow old

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Never grow old with these tips

  • Eliminate destructive behaviors- To live a disease free & a long life eliminate destructive behaviors like smoking, excess drinking, sweet tooth, etc.
  • Eat properly- Almost 70% of your health is about what you put into your body. Fuel your body with fresh, nutritionally dense food. Eat the right fats, tofu, salmon, almonds,proteins, greens,etc
  • Exercise well- Aim foe at least 30 minutes of exercise for almost every day. Can be yoga or aerobics or meditation whichever relaxes your mind.
  • Pamper Yourself- Massage, Spas, & beauty therapies are even important at elderly age. It makes you look good feel fresh & young.
  • Take rest- Securing sound sleep is essential for cell repair & regeneration. It drastically affects your lifespan and well being. 7-8 hours of sleep/ day is enough for a good health.
  • Indulge in Proactive living- Indulgence in your favorite activity or hobby helps a lot in keeping your mind intact, energized and involved. Plan a holiday to relax yourself.
  • Get regular health check up done- See your healthcare specialist regularly for a healthy & disease free life. Follow their advice.
  • Think young to manage stress- 1 out of 5 people suffer from lingering sadness, tiredness, loss of appetite or pleasure from things they once enjoyed doing, difficulty in sleeping and worry unnecessarily. To fix this you must think as a young person. Enjoy like youngsters and relax in life.

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