Increase chances of getting pregnant

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Lifestyle changes that will increase your chances of getting Pregnant

Deciding to have a baby is a big step in any couple’s life.From being emotionally, mentally, physically & even financialy prepared, a couple needs to keep several things in mind.
1. Most important is regularity of your menstrual cycle.An irregular cycle will hamper your chances of conceiving quickly.
2. You can increaese your chances of getting pregnant by lifestyle changes. Start eating a diet that is rich in iron-think dark, green leafy greens.
3 If overweight, then loose some weight as obese women have a harder time getting pregnant than their fitter counter parts.
4.Stay active as much as possible with good exercise routine.
5. Limit caffeine, alcohol, smoking.
6. Stress is also known to hamper fertility so work on to de-stress yourself by meditation, yoga,etc.

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