Hydrating Foods

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With summer, at its peak, it is important to keep yourself well hydrated. While drinking water is prerequisite, you can also replenish water lost through sweat by consuming foods that are not only high in water content but also low in calories.

CUCUMBER- It has a water content of 96.7%. Also is packed with potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, etc.It flushes out toxins. Vitamin A,B,C boost immunity & give you energy.

ICEBERG LETTUCE- It has a water content of 95.6%. It has low caloric content & fat %. It has significant amounts of vitamin A,C & fibre. The dietary fibre & omega fatty acids in them provide energy.

ZUCCHINI- It has a water content of 95%. Zucchini is a low starch fruit and filled with potassium, vitamin C & B6. It has a high water content which means you will stay fuller for a longer period of time.

WATERMELON- It has a water content of 92%. It has ample nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, C, amino acids, lycopene, etc. It is low in sodium & calories. A glass full of watermelon juice help to prevent heat stroke which is full of electrolytes.

RADISH- It has a water content of 95.3%. They are also rich in dietary fibre which helps in faster digestion & improved metabolism.






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