Calcium and phosphorus are the macro- nutrients that accounts for 3/4th of all mineral matter of the animal tissues.

The recommended allowance for calcium in a person during 45-70 years of age is approximately 1200 mg per day.

Milk and its products has the highest content of calcium. Other good sources include Kale, Turnips, Collards, Salmon, Soya bean, Broccoli, etc. One cup of fresh whole milk gives approximately 300 mg of calcium.

  • 3 ounces of Salmon provides arround 170 mg of calcium.
  • Broccoli one and a half cups cooked provides 93 mg of calcium.
  • Half a cup of Soya beans provide 75 mg of calcium.
  • Half a cup of Turnip green provide 126 mg of calcium.
  • 100 g of mixture of nuts like almonds, walnut, cashew, etc provide 117 mg of calcium.



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