Of the approximately 1200gms of Calcium in the adult body, 99% is combined as the salts that give hardness to the bones & teeth.The remaining 1% of the calcium in adults about 10-12gms is distributed throughout the extracellular and intracellular fluids of the body.The important functions are:-
1.Activates enzymes
2.Helps in transmission of Nerve Impulses.
3.Increases the permeability of cell membranes, thus helping in absorptive processes.
4.Aids in absorption of VitaminB12 from the Ilium.
5. Regulates the contraction & relaxation of Muscles, including heartbeat.
6.Catalyzes two steps in the blood clotting.

Calcium is stored in the Trabeculae of bones.
For its utilisation Vitamin D & Parathyroid Hormone are required.
Deficiency of Calcium causes Retarted Bone mineralization, Fragile Bones,Stunted Growth, Rickets, Osteomalacia, Ostoeporosis.

Food sources are Milk & its Products, Hard Cheese, Ice Cream, Cottage Cheese, Greens-Collards, Turnips, Mustard, Broccolli, Kale, Oysters, Shrimps, Salmon, Clams, Soyabeans,etc.

Milk is considered to be the best source of calcium in the diet, without it, a satisfactory intake of Calcium is extremely difficult.For Adults 2-3 cups of Milk & 3-4 cups for children daily will ensure adequate Calcium intake.

Daily Allowances
Adults- 800mg
Children- 800mg
Teenagers- 1200mg
Pregnancy- 1200mg
Lactation/ Feeding Mothers-1200mg


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