Boost your five happy hormones

DOPAMINE- This hormone affects the nervous system & is associated with brain's reward mechanism.Setting goals and achieving them gives a kick to this hormone. 

How to Boost -

  • Seek out pleasurable healthy activities that have a positive impact on life.
  • spend more time in the sunlight to increase your sensitivity to dopamine.
  • practice deep breathing & meditation 
  • sleep well
  • eat nuts, paneer, beans

SEROTONIN- This hormone is used in antidepressants as low levels of Serotonin in the brain can sink you into depression.

How to boost -

  • workout or play a sport.
  • eat tryptophan rich foods like milk at bedtime
  • have foods rich in omega 3 like ghee, nuts, lentils
  • don't stop eating carbs

OXYTOCIN - It is also called a love hormone because of its role in establishing emotional ties & relationships

How to boost -

  • practice yoga & relaxation
  • eat with loved ones
  • get a massage every week
  • pursue a hobby

ESTROGEN - This happy hormone helps to form serotonin & protects you from irratability and anxiety. Its levels decreases in Menopause and also by lifestyle practices of smoking & extreme exercises.

How to boost -

  • try stress relieving exercises
  • yoga
  • hot bath
  • meditation

PROGESTERONE - This is helpful hormone for a good & calm sleep, prevents anxiety, mood swings. Women face the problem of this hormone acceleration after the age of 35- 40 yrs

How to boost -

  • eat healthy food stuffs
  • avoid saturated fats 
  • avoid sugar
  • exercise regularly
  • avoid & cope well with stress


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