50% of Body's Sodium is present in Extracellular Fluid, 40% in Bones, 10% in intracellular fluid.

Sodium content of Blood Plasma is 14 times that of intracellular fluid.


        1. Is the principal electrolyte in extracellular cell for the maintenance of Osmotic Pressure and Water balance.
        2. It supplies the alkanality of the Gastrointestinal Secreations.
        3. It functions mutually with some & antagonistically with other ions in maintaning the normal irratibility of nerve cells & contraction of muscles, in regulating the permeability of cell membrane
        4. The "Na pump" maintains the electrolyte difference between intracellular & extracellular fluid compartments.

                              RDA (mgs/ Day)

                             Adults- 1100-3300


                             Adolescents- 900-2700


Out of the 5gm of Nacl recommended per day, about 3 gm occurs naturally in foods and about 2gm of Nacl is eaten as an added salt.

Sodium naturally occurs in in foods like Egg white, Meat, Puoltry, Fish, spinach, Beets, Celery, Chard,etc.

Drinking water has less than 20mg of Na/litre

1 cup of low fat Milk has 110mg of Sodium.

High levels of sodium causes Hypertension, damage to the heart, blood vessels,Kidney & increases risk of Stroke, Heart attack & Kidney Damage.

How to cut on salt intake

          1. Eat more of fresh fruits & vegetables
          2. Look for processed foods that say "no salt added"
          3. Avoid Potato chips
          4. Restrict the amount of processed meats
          5. Avoid high salt canned soups
          6. Use spices in place of salt to give food a flavour.


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