CLIENT NAME- Mrs. Seema Malhotra
                                               BEFORE JOINING THE PROGRAMME

                                                                                                       Weight- 91 Kgs

                                                                                                     Age- 56 years

                                                               Health Condition- Overweight, Hypothyroid, Hypoglycemic

                                                                    Mrs Malhotra is an active housekeeper & smart lady.

                                              Personalised Diet plans were given to her regularly based on her likes & dislikes.

                                       She followed the diet plans very sincerely & was very punctual in timings and food habits.

                                         She did her workouts at the vicinity of her  home only. No Gymming or fancy routines.


                                                                                                      Weight- 78 Kgs

                                                              Health Condition-  Consequently lost 13 kgs weight

                                                Improved her hypothyroid condition & all other associated issues.

                                           Furthermore feels energetic, healthy, active, looks younger & smarter now.

                                    Most noteworthy has learned the art of healthy eating & completely discard binge eating. 

                                                             Her dedication & sincerity to help herself has been rewarded.


                                                LOVE YOURSELF AND TAKE UTMOST CARE IN GROOMING YOURSELF

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