Client Name- Mr Prasad Parshurame

Age- 37 yrs


Weight- 81 Kgs

Health Issues- Overweight,  Hypothyroid

Mr Prasad is a Professional with a highly busy working schedule.

He travels on official visits too.

Regularly diet plans were provided to him.

He followed the diet plans as advised with full dedication and sincerity. 



Weight - 69 Kgs

Consequently he lost 12 Kgs.

He improved his Thyroid Condition..

Most note worthy now he feels young, energetic and looks sharp.

Furthermore, he practically understood that both healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand. 

He has been rewarded for his sincerity and dedication towards the program. 


For More information on Hypothyroid and Obesity click here.




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Prasad Parshurame · September 10, 2018 at 12:44 pm

Thank you lifestressandhealth for proper guidance which helped to develop broad vision about diet and exercise… reducing weight is a gift for lifetime😊

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