72 minutes of running or Aerobic exercises in a week can cut your risk of diabetes, heart-related conditions and several other ailments.

8 reasons that’ll convince even a couch potato to break into a Sweat.

Some indisputable reasons to lace up and work up a sweat

  1. It’s as addictive as your vices- Once you learn to connect the inherent benefits of an exercise programme to your emotional and mental health, you will feel as addicted to that feeling as you are to your favourite stash of cheat treats. The rewards you reap while working out permeates across facets of your health. Research proves that while people may initially start an exercise programme to look and feel better, they stick on to it in the long run due to the impact it has on their overall well-being.

  2. Your body prefers burning your fat cells more than carbs during exercise-  Your body’s preferred source of fuel while working up a sweat is fat, not so much carbs, specifically for most high-intensity exercises.That’s because exercise tends to cause positive structural and chemical modifications to your DNA molecules in your muscles as well the genes that metabolise fat, genetically reprogramming them.Studies conclude that all you need is 15-20 minutes just three times a week to improve your stamina, reduce blood pressure and bring down your fasting levels.

  3. Helps you beat ailments without the pill- Scientists now recommend beating diseases, such as joint pain, osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, depression, anxiety to the punch with physical activity. Cancer patients, for instance, are encouraged to exercise to speed up their recovery and to help lower the risk of recurrence. Additionally, a recent investigation of more than 300 clinical trials revealed that exercise was crucial to help rehabilitate people who were recovering from a stroke. 

  4. Keeps the brain ticking for longer-Exercise is renowned for improving blood flow to your brain and stimulating the growth of new cells and vessels. Regular exercise slows the ageing of your brain by as much as ten years.

  5. Improves your relationships- The adrenaline rush delivered from a workout helps in the generation of new brain cells in the hippo campus that enhance the brain’s capacity to retain information.Aerobic exercise helped improve the ability of the brain to recall events because it increases the size of the anterior hippo campus.

  6. If you ain’t healthy, you ain’t wealthy-We can’t validate whether money can buy you better health or not, but it sure can bump up your paycheck.three sessions of yoga a week was able to boost the brain chemical GABA, which is responsible for upping your mood and reducing anxiety levels.

     Research has shown for some time now that people with a positive attitude and a higher self-esteem earned far greater than their less confident counterparts.

  7. Brings back the sweet 16s- The vasodilation from exercise can increase the volume of blood that reaches the surface of your skin, boosting the production of collagen and helping iron out your wrinkles. Additionally, the nutrients that are carried by the blood work on your fibroblasts more efficiently making your skin look younger and softer.

  8. It’s the authentic key to happiness-  Exercise is the ideal ploy for such lofty ambitions. It has long been associated with inducing a feeling of bliss because of its ability to reduce anxiety and stress. Its ability to boost chemicals, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine can also help bring about a natural state of calm in your mind. burning up to 350 calories a week can work as well as an antidepressant.

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