A lot of class protein comes from non veg. food items.Few of high protein vegetarian options you could go for are

  •  Soyabean Granules– Soya granules can be cooked in various forms, mixed with dishes, added to rice, etc. 100 gms of soya granules give 52 gms of protein.
  • Peanuts – It is a good source of Protein & fat. 100 gms gives around 26 gms of protein & 50 gms of fat.
  • Paneer or Cottage Cheese – Its high protein  vegetarian food choice. 100 gms of it gives around 23 gms of protein. Is also high in fat.
  • Whey Protein – A single scoop of 30 gms of this provides around 22- 30 gms of protein.
  • Tofu – It is a good vegetarian option for Protein levels.
  • Nuts – Nuts are another good option to up protein quotient.
  • Lentils – Another good option is lentils.











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