Rejuvinate Your Body And Mind

The human body performs huge essential functions simultaneously round the clock.One of the crucial function is of eliminating the toxic materials that can harm the body.Toxic materials are present in air, water, food & surroundings.Our body systems can go wrong if they are overloaded with toxins or some new ones enter the body which it does not recognise. Then comes the need to detoxify the body.

A gentle, step by step approach to cleanse the system is advised.


Consult your doctor if you are diabetic, heart patient, Hypoglycemic, Liver or Kidney Problems,Stomach ulcer/Cancer, thyroid problems, Pregnant, Breast feeding,Mental illness patient before starting this detoxification process.Different experts advice different lenghts of time of detox programmes.


You will cleanse more of the toxic load and should look & feel fresh, active,healthy and light.It is advised to follow a structured detox plan to ensure you get all essential nutrients you need for everday survival.

Colourful, tasty and full of different textures & flavours are availables with us on detox menus.

Moderate intensity exercise will boost your detox programmes.

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